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                      Website Tips & Hints - Home Page


     The Home page has a lot going on. The main body of the page is written by the Administrator (Me) and may change from time to time.  The red box at the bottom of the page is an area for announcements. Anyone may submit an announcement, but all announcements are approved prior to posting by the administrator (again - Me). The right column of the page has a series of red outlinde boxes that do different thing automatically as designed be the program. So let's explore those items.

     - The first box is the "Who's Online Now" list.  Surprisingly, it shows who's online now, and you have the option of hiding you name if desired. If you see a friend online, you could go to their profile page and send them a private message, you could effectively have instant messaging.

     -  The second box, "Profile Updates" shows the 10 most recent profile changes . It could be a new member, some one adding a photo, any one adding a comment, etc. Clicking the "Show More" button adds an additional 30 recent profile updates.

     - The next box, "Where We Live" has a ton of information. First you should know that we NEVER share anyone's address information beyond city and state/country - EVER. If you click on a state/country will display a list of member names that live in that state, clicking on their name will take you to that persons profile page (assuming they have completed one). Below the list of states is a world map and clicking on that map will open a separate window with a map of the world and a flag for the location of each member. Again, clicking on the members name will take you to their profile page. The default opening is the class of 1966 (because I'm the one that built it), but you have search options of graduation year (or All), by state or country. This is a Google Map, so you can adjust the scale and view as map or satelite.

     - Missing Classmates refers to any Frontier graduate faculty or staff member whos email you have . Clicking on blue letters will allow you to select your email type and send an already written email invite to our website, including the link.

     - The "Rewind for XXXXXX box will play about 2 minutes of a DJ giving information about this date in history - mostly from the 60s and 70s.

     - The final box is an advertizement for Class Creator who are the programers for our website. Clicking on their ad will open a new window and you can tour their site.