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Member Functions

       Website Tips & Hints - Member Functions



     The selections under the Member Functions bar are mostly straight forward, but here is a quick recap.


     - Class Connection is for those of you that are on Facebook. By completing the information on this page, you will add an app to your Facebook page  It allows you to seamlessly move in and out of this website without leaving your Facebook page or without having to "login" to the website.

     - Notify Me is where you go to select "if and/or how" you would like to be notified about activity on this website.

     - Message Center is where any private messages you get are located and where you can respond to the private messages. 

     -  Edit Contact Info allows you to update your address, email, phone numbers etc. Remember only your city and state/country are visible on your profile page.

     - Edit Profile, this link is one of two ways to edit your profile page, the other method is on your profile page with the "Edit Profile" button next to your name. This link is where you add or delete photos, make comments or add memorys to share with your classmates.

     - This link allows you to make an announcement that once approved by the administrator will appear on the "Home" page for ALL classmates.