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Frontier Alumni

            Website Tips & Hints - Frontier Alumni


     The Frontier Alumni page is the heart of the website, that's where the majority of the members spend their time during visits. It's a fairly straight forward page, but there are some things you can do on the page.

     - Notice there is a search box under the pages title. By typing in some one's name (first or last) you will get a list of all alumni with that last or first name. You can click on the members name and go directly to their profile page. Using this function, you can learn how many Smiths are alumni for Frontier (approx. 22) or how many members have the name Bob on their profile page (approx 15), notice it includes the extensions Bobby or Bobbie also.

     - Once you select a given year, you will see the same symbol legend on each page.

     - While on a Classes page you can also elect to display everyone's Yearbook photo along with their names (this feature is not available if No One in a particular class has joined the website).

     - When you move to an individuals profile, you can review whatever they have chosen to share such as photos and comments. You may also communicate with a classmate in one of two ways.

             - - You may leave a "comment" on the person's page. This comment is visible to anyone on the website to see.

            - - You may also leave a private message. A private message can only be seen by that classmate and will be available to them on their next visit to the website. Notification of a private message appears on their home page and a notification is sent to the members personal email (without ever displaying the email address) .